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Monday, March 29, 2010

Mother's Day Personalized Jewelry!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

We're excited about anything personalized for mother's day this year as well as modern takes on timeless pieces! Check out a selection of what's in shop below:

Personalized Keys

Keys have been a big trend lately and a designer we carry, Emily Rosenfield, can make you keys that say anything you want! Engraving children's names and dates of birth is always a good option or a sweet message of appreciation. We have ones in the shop inscribed with "XOXO," "Love," and "Mom." It's also a nice idea to pair a larger key with a smaller key and have two words together. Or a key for each child, the largest key being the oldest child and so forth.

Timeless Lockets
It's also a timeless gift to give a locket with an engraving. We like these 14K gold ones with a little star set diamond. You could have the back engraved with fancy vintage style letters. On the tiny ones that seem a bit small for a photograph we like the idea of engraving the inside with initials and a date. A locket like this is will become an heirloom, passed down and remembered always.

Updated Pearls
Pearls are a traditional motherly gift, but why not give her something more updated like these pearl drops and pearl necklace in a star-like 14k gold setting from our dear friend and jewelry designer, Carla Caruso.

We also think a simple pearl teardrop on a 14k gold chain is a modern take on the traditional pearl choker and a bit easier for a modern mom to wear.

If you do want the traditional look of knotted pearls we like them long, almost flapper style. You can tie them in a knot or wear a few layered together. The ones we have in the shop are high quality glass pearls which means you can buy them in the bunches! (Let me preface the picture below, by saying, yes, the lady wearing all the pearls is a smidge scary, but she's a very cool old lady that we use for display. It makes more sense when you see her in context, I promise.)

Over-sized studs are coming back and a large, unusual colored pearl stud would be a great look for a Mom. It's easy-style!

We'd love to help you pick out something special for mother's day so drop by and see what we've got.