The Shop at 49 Grove Street

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Vintage Additions!

Lori's found some special pieces to add to our vintage collection. Take a look below.

Above is a gold filled pocket watch locket with two vintage watch chains linked together to make a necklace. Grandfatherly, yet feminine.

We're so in love with vintage compasses right now. They carry a great meaning and have that old world feel.

These Victorian enamel lockets are so special. Enamel saw a revival in the 19th century and lends whimsy to your otherwise classic gold engraved lockets. They also still have their original glass which is nice, thick and beveled.

The double glass locket above contains edelweiss, the white flower found in the alps. In German, edelweiss means noble white and was used as a political statement against the Nazis.

There's more to be seen in the shop and more on it's way to us. Stop in to see these beauties in person!


  1. These pieces are so beautiful!

  2. These are great! Can't wait to go to your shop again!

  3. I woul like to know the price of the edelweiss locket!
    great stuff