The Shop at 49 Grove Street

Monday, February 1, 2010


At Lori McLean, we like jewelry made by hand. We like the stories behind beautiful objects. We like writing with pens and paper. We are a little bit old school.

Maybe the thought of a computer was a little intimidating, but now that we have it we're blending the digital and the hand made and realizing what great things we can accomplish, like our very first BLOG.

The blog is our way to involve you in our daily conversations, the facts we discover about jewelry, the history behind the vintage pieces that come in, the trends we are excited about, and the little stories and conversations that fill up Lori McLean's jewelry shop.

We hope you'll follow our blog when you need a little jewelry fix. We'll be posting images from the shop: the new items that come in and selections from our ever changing vintage collection. Stay tuned for a post on vintage charms and Lori's fabulous trip to Paris! Ou La La.

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