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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vintage Lockets

Vintage Lockets


The Hexagonal Locket

This is a sterling silver locket with six sides and the most adorable photos!

Baby Locket

A tiny baby locket inscribed with a fancy script "R."

Keepsake Glass Lockets

Glass lockets became popular so that you could see the keepsake without having to open the locket repeatedly. This ensured that the item inside was safe, but still showcased a lover's photo or lock of hair.

The one below shows a Scottish soldier.

This one we filled with our star paper as a placeholder.


Next we'll be posting ideas for Mother's day gifts! It's coming up... May 9th!

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  1. This is great! I'm so glad you now have a blog! I'm an artist from Montreal and your shop is my favorite place in New York! I love lockets and I do little art projects around them from time to time. I've been wearing a little m bought at your shop for three years now. It's kind of my lucky charm.
    Anyway, can't wait to visit your store again! You can see one of my locket project on flickr at

    All the best!